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What's up with shipping from the US to Puerto Rico in ShipStation?

Occasional Contributor

If you put Puerto Rico as the state and US as the country, address verification goes all "Danger Danger Will Robinson!" on you...


but if you noticed that Puerto Rico is an option under the Country menu so you select it, when you go to ship it tells you PR is not a valid country!  Well you're the one who wrote PR, I just selected Puerto Rico from your  list of options, ShipStation!


If they'd let me be the IT Director for just one day...


Super User
Super User

I have only been able to ship to Peurto Rico using USPS. If you can find another way let me know, but this always solves it for me.

Me, too. And not with PR as the country, only as the state.  I think SS needs to fix that, it's just odd.

We just make sure the state is PR, country is US. It verifies most addresses for us successfully but not all.

New Contributor

Most of my PR orders cannot verify the address in SS. I have to mess with the address and change it to get it to verify. In some occurrences SS changes the City and everything. If SS cannot verify the address I just cancel the order now. Not worth the hassle. I never had this issue in Amazon or eBay shipping. I wish SS would just leave the PR address as long as the state and country are set correctly. Their addresses are very odd compared to the USA. 

New Contributor

could also be the service that's trying to be used. USPS has puerto rico set as a state and US as the country code. UPS/FEDEX and DHL have it set as PR as state and country code.