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eBay Migration. Item/product dimensions won't import, true or false?


Haven't done the eBay migration yet. Wanted to ask other users about something. The migration guide says that "calculated dimensions for single item orders" are not imported. Does this mean that for all orders of a single qty / item, ShipStation will no longer import the dimensions from the eBay listing, and the dimensions will be blank unless we re-input & save the dimensions into the ShipStation Product Details for every single item? If so, I will continue to avoid the migration. That is a huge setback which, for us, automation rules / custom package types will NOT help with. To reiterate, such work-arounds are not useful, and therefore not relevant, for my company.

So I am only interested in confirming whether or not orders (of a single item, which majority of our orders are) will be importing with the dimensions fields being blank. Thanks!