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"Ground Advantage" is not in EOD for USPS not as Parcel Select not as Other. Its been over a month.

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"Ground Advantage" is not in EOD for USPS not as Parcel Select not as Other. Its been over a month. Not really sure if Shipstation cares or just good at raising rates and coming up with BS add-ons such as "bring your own carrier rates"...




Hello @Alex80


Thanks for being a part of our community and for bringing this to our attention. 


We are currently looking into this, but it would be helpful to know a few things.  Is the post office refusing to scan the form or rejecting your packages? Any additional context about the issues this is causing would be very helpful. 


-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager 


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They are saying that the number of shipment does not match EOD sheet. And when we ask them to scan each package - they get very unhappy. It is clear that Advantage packages are not passing into EOD. Shipstation ignores those orders on the day closing.


Our post office needs an EOD for anymore than 2 packages for drop off. Not on EOD, they will refuse us - don't have time to scan bulk individual packages. The head scratcher is this - Shipstation knows ground advantage is a n option for USPS - why wasn't it added at the same time that ground advantage became a package option for USPS? 

It seems like brains have left companies and all that remains are bodies? Seriously - how would someone not say hey we need to add this package option to EOD at the same time the service is offered. I guess if shipstation employees had to wait in line vs. being able to drop off packages with an EOD form - they'd realize why the EOD form with all options on it are needed!

Amazing how so many tech companies over the years have simply gone downhill in their support of their own product.