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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
check out, it is a complete POS for retail brick and mortar and webstore, does the inventory, enables you to check inventory from anywhere you can get a wifi connection! Works off a laptop, iPad and iPhone, good for trade shows, etc etc, a shipping interface would be PERFECT!
First-timer (legacy)
Hi @Anderson, thanks for checking on this! We're still reviewing this partnership. We'll keep you posted on updates here.
First-timer (legacy)
Good morning ShipStation, I'm just wondering why there isn't a shipping integration guide for Lightspeed. ShipStation is Lightspeed's most comprehensive shipping integration and I would love to have additional insights on it. Thank you,
First-timer (legacy)
Agreed. We have lightspeed and we’ve had to use ship station as a 3rd party API call vs being totally integrated. Would like to see a better integration
Any movement on this? really tired of manually adding UPC, and images to my products
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I think this would be adopted by many, many people. Lightspeed has grown substantially in the last few years. One reason for the low vote count may be that some (including myself) have used 3rd party integrations to make this work without a direct integration from LightSpeed to ShipStation. One such integration is a software called Hyperspace by a company called Argoworks.
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yes please
New Contributor

We are have Lightspeed R-Series connected with ShipStation via Hyperspace.

But a native integration would be fantastic.