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Status: Completed

Currently ShipStation does not include or display the Deliver By Date for Amazon orders.  This is a critical piece of information.  The ship by is given but that does not help the shipper to select the service to use.  The requested shipping service is given but in many cases if you receive an order on Thursday for example at 2pm vs 10pm the requested service will be the same but the shipper may need to select Saturday delivery on the 10pm order and not the 2pm order. 

So really what matters is WHEN the customer has to get the items by.  That is what should dictate what shipping service is used.  


So please add that data field into the feed and display it on orders as it will be helpful. 



Status changed to: Completed

I am happy to inform that this has been completed! 

Occasional Contributor

I still do not see this column?

Howdy @Improvement


You are correct that it is not displayed as a column. It is instead, an option that can be added on via the individual store connection's settings, to import as one of the "Custom Fields". You can make this adjustment by Starting at Settings (gear icon in the top right) > Selling Channels > selecting which store you wish to edit > checking the drop down menu in the custom field of your choosing > Select Deliver By Date.


I hope this helps! 🙂 


Hi! We added that into the Custom Field and then added the Custom Field to our columns but it's all blank. How do we troubleshoot?

Hey there @shippingitems


My first recommendation would be to double check the mapping for each (if there are multiple) Amazon store you are importing from as this would need to be adjusted on each of them individually. 


If you have double checked that this is mapped out and you're still not seeing that information pass thru on those associated Amazon orders, please reach out to our support team directly so that we can investigate direct examples in your account to get to the root of that behavior 🙂 


It worked! First of all, thank you guys so much for the super useful update.


Two things about this update:


1) Time format is split into two, making it a bit hard to sort.

Here are the two formats:

11/04/2022 06:59:59



2) Timezone is in UTC, which means we have to calculate backwards one day

For example, the deliver by date shown in ShipStation 11/04/2022 06:59:59 will show as November 3, 2022. It makes sense since 06:59 UTC is 23:59 PST but it'd be more user friendly if it just showed in PST so that we won't have to think about taking off the extra day when calculating the delivery time.


Just having the additional information is great, but if this could get updated it would make things even easier. Thanks again for the update.


@Moderator-Davis any chance of fixing the date to a human readable format instead of UTC? For those that don't know any better it's easy to mistake UTC 2023-04-25T06:59:59Z as meaning due by 4/25, when in fact it's actually due by 4/24 for anyone in the US (which is way majority of Shipstation customers).


Also IIRC the Amazon order date itself is initially formatted in UTC, and Shipstation saw the value of reformatting it to display a human readable date... so it would be easy to request them to simply copy that format to this field too.


Fun fact: I pay for an automation with to reformat this date into the proper human readable format... however the Shipstation randomly overwrites this field often to reapply the original UTC date. API support blames Amazon for "sending random order updates" even after the order was already 'collected' and treating Amazon as the 'source of truth'... which I get, however it could be easily fixed with Shipstation adding logic to NOT overwrite a field unless it is different from the original... because otherwise my automation can and will just be overwritten by Shipstation multiple times at anytime to put the original UTC date. Sooooo yeah, if Shipstation could just fix this to a human readable format that would solve ALL of this and I wouldn't even need the automation 😊


@Moderator-Davis Can you fix the time? We're in US and the UTC time will cause errors. IE: UTC 4/12/2024 06:59 will make users think they need to select a service that will deliver by 4/12 when in fact, the order must be delivered by 4/11. Thanks