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Can we please have the ShipStation Development Team allow for importing of UPC records from BigCommerce at the time of import.


After speaking with ShipStation Support, we've come to the conclusion that ShipStation is able to create Product Records when importing orders from BigCommerce, however ShipStation is not importing the UPC.  This is a massive inconvenience, as we are unable to use the Scan to Verify & Print functionality without UPC's.


The manufacturers of the products we sell have printed UPC's on the product packaging, but not our in-house SKU's.  As a result of not being able to scan UPC's in ShipStation, we're having to manually read the UPC/Barcode on the product packaging and verify it against the product record in our POS to make sure we are fulfilling the order with the correct products.  This is a very time consuming process and leads to human error.

New Contributor

I 100% agree and am dealing with the same issue. 

It's crazy to only import the SKU and name. Shipstation could handle this so much better!

Howdy yall! 


Thanks for providing this feedback about your experience while using the BigCommerce integration with ShipStation. This type of feedback has great value! 


I will certainly make sure that this is reviewed by our team for potential implementation in the future.


Why is this not already a thing? You are integrating the product from Bigcommerce to begin with, this would just be pulling more fields rather than the 2 you are currently pulling?? 


absolutely could not aggree more with this.