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Its come to my attention that live checkout rates displayed to customers is based on the weight of the products and that it does not take dimensions into consideration. For example, if product A weighs 5lbs w/dims of 5x5x5 & product B weighs 5lbs w/dims of 12x12x6 then they will not cost the same amount in shipping and will not go in the same package. Yet, how it stands now with the shipstation live checkout, they will cost the same to ship. Please advise


Yes, this issue should be fixed IMMEDIATELY!

Imagine a business owner who charges live rates calculated by Shipstation Live Rates, but the actual rate is completely different.

For example, I just had a situation where a customer gets charged $54 (live rate calculation), but the actual rate when adding package dimension is $91. That is a $47 LOSS for the business! There is no way you can run a business like that.

It appears that live rates are accurate as long as the package does not exceed 12 inch in length. Beyond that, rates are complete off!

Thank you for taking this feature into consideration.

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We're working with an app called String ( that integrates with ShipStation and is beta testing this feature now. You can contact the founder at  You might be able to get in on it too.