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I would like to have option to create Custom Carrier and Shipping methods so that we can create labels for orders and return entries manually as with the Shipping methods that are not availale on the Shipstation.

This option can solve our most of the problems as we are receiving Returns from customers directly as well but we are not able to create their return labels as the system only allow to create return labels for such shippments that are picked up by ourselves.

but with the custom Shipping method we can create Special Shipping methods that are not gonna charge us for creating labels and we can create return labels when we receive the Shipment from the custom with that particular shipping method.

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New Contributor

I believe this would help with my issue too.

We have our own delivery driver that delivers any local orders, and we use Pallet Ways who Shipstation don’t currently integrate with.

If we could create these 2 Shipping Methods manually then it would be much quicker to allocate orders to them via the shipping UI. At the moment we have to “Mark As Shipped” for each order and use the “Other” Carrier, this makes tracking difficult as the customer service staff have no idea how the orders have been shipped.