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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Completed
DHL eCommerce Direct Integration to ShipStation. DHL offers significant savings over usps first class. It would be great to see DHL eCommerce integrat directly in ShipStation!!! As of now you need to set up an Endicia account for the ability to use DHL eCommerce in ShipStation. And not to mention you have no way to see your DHL ecommerce rates because the label is being processed via Endicia. Last but not least the labels for DHL eCommerce printed via Endicia are ugly and cannot be customizable the SKU will print in really small size on the top right of label.
First-timer (legacy)
Boy this would be such a great addition, DHL is common enough to where this integration would make sense, that way rates can be seen and true comparisons can be done...who knows it might even benifet if the rate turns out lower I/we can start choosing USPS over DHL instead of assuming DHL is cheaper!
Occasional Contributor
Hello guys - please transfer your votes to: Definitely something that needs to happen for most Canadian businesses. Thank you 🙂
First-timer (legacy)
I know many people Trying to sign up with DHL but are faced with a tough decision to make, either leave ShipStation or Pay the Additional Costs for Endicia which Is quite a heavy Load for a business. This is really something they should look into, My partners and I are already debating to leave but I like ShipStaion! Please Let us know Where we are holding with this. Thanks!
Occasional Contributor
The biggest issue we face is that their is not the ability to display the negotiated rates for DHL eCommerce. Please fix this! Thanks
Status changed to: Completed

ShipStation updated our DHL eCommerce integration to their v4 API in June 2021. You are no longer required to have an Endicia account to integration DHL eCommerce with ShipStation. 


Please review our DHL eCommerce help article for details.