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Status: Under Review
It's possible! ChannelAdvisor now allows via it's API the ability to update line items as shipped instead of the whole order (as ShipStation currently does). Through this mysterious magic of API, they can also send the Shipping Cost, Shipping Tax Cost, and Insurance Cost to ChannelAdvisor. Just image what you could do with all that data! Oh the reports you could run. I bet you're saying to yourself "Wow, that sounds wonderful. How can I help make this happen?"... All you need to do is upvote this post so that ShipStation sees the err of their deprecated API ways.
First-timer (legacy)
It is VERY IMPORTANT that the ShipStation API send "Shipping Cost" to ChannelAdvisor! Shipping Cost is a real cost. ChannelAdvisor> Profitability reports: Explanation of Fee Calculations> Shipping Costs> Seller-paid shipping costs (Fulfillment Cost) will only be included in the “Cost” calculation if the seller provides the data, via ShipStation API, along with the Tracking Number The ChannelAdvisor Profitability Reports are an important part of SKU Pricing. ChannelAdvisor Profitability Reports are important for running a profitable business. Please include the Seller-paid shipping costs (Fulfillment Cost), in the ChannelAdvisor API upload. Thanks, Jeff Shipman, President
First-timer (legacy)
October, 21, 2015 ShipStation (Product Owner, ShipStation) responded "UNDER REVIEW". This suggestion got LOST. It cannot take 4 years to modify the ShipStation/ChannelAdvisor API. HELP! I desparately need the ChannelAdvisor> Profitability by Item Reports to work. For the ChannelAdvisor Profitability Reports to work, ChannelAdvisor needs actual shipping cost. HELP! Jeff Shipman, President Bry-Tech Distributors Inc.
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It is hard to believe that this is still in the works. Is the issue on ChannelAdvisor's side or ShipStation's side? Maybe both?


This is such a basic function that is supported by many lower-tier solutions. As far as I can tell, this feature is supported within the ChannelAdvisor API ( The ShipStation API also makes this data available for posting (the field is called "shipmentCost" in the API docs).


So, what is the deal? Is it ShipStation's responsibility to enable this feature, or is ChannelAdvisor responsible? Either way, it seems like the fix is too simple for this idea to remain "Under Review" for however many years this has been. 


Is there any update on this?