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I would like to see Shipstation integrate better with UPS. I really need to be able to see shipping rates from the continental U.S. to Canada. In order to add shipping charges to Canadian Customers on my WooCommerce website, I need to see what my average shipping costs will be. 


Right now, I have to enter in an actual order to get UPS rates to Canada. This means that I have to manually enter in a test order and constantly change the address to reflect an address (I use the local town hall because they are easy to find) for each major city and for very rural areas. It is a huge effort of time and resources to do this. I cannot just use the UPS website, because they quote retail rates which is nothing close to what I will actually pay. 

Our website has seen a huge uptick in Canadian orders that I would like to service quickly, but without being able to get this info onto my website, orders have to be handled manually through PayPal. 


Having the ability to get a rate quote for Canada just like I can with USPS would be a huge time and resource saver for me and my business.


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