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Line-items properties in Shopify typically represent item options, such as special instructions (e.g., the text for an inscription). These are automatically imported to ShipStation as part of the line-item's [Item Options] field, which can optionally displayed on Packing Slip Templates. Sometimes, however, these are used for internal communications between e.g. Shopify apps. To support this, Shopify themes have a built-in convention where line-item properties prefixed with an underscore (e.g., _internalOption) are hidden from the customer: Unfortunately, while these will be hidden on Shopify, they will be displayed on packing slips as part of the [Item Options] property (alongside valid customer options). Ideally, ShipStation would either a) remove these when importing orders from Shopify, or b) hide these when displaying the [Item Options] field. (Acknowledging the latter would affect all customers, not just Shopify customers, and thus may be too invasive).
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> Yes my client is having the same issue when using a third party gift wrapping/multiple shipping app. having all the extra code in addition to the name of the items creates a mess for both the person fulfilling the orders and the customer. This really should be sorted out considering how many folks are now using shopify. I'm having the EXACT same issue!! This is a very simple filter to add on your end
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We've been dealing with this problem since 2013 and it's a huge impediment to efficient workflow. Like others, we have to manually edit out these line items in Shopify before importing them into Shipstation. I just started looking into this solution again today because we had a product launch and had to manually edit 500 orders. It's a huge pain point for everyone in this workstream and causes shipping errors if anyone makes a mistake during the manual edit. People say this all the time, but this request has been open for almost 5 years. I understand that votes are required to prioritize this, but "options" must be common to many Shopify users and there are plenty of people suffering the same headache but not voting here.
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This post describes it best: I see this constantly in the HTML slack channel, and this thread gives a lot of context from user's perspectives, it's just quite old and I wanted to re-post it internally.
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So I comment on here every year. Unfortunately I missed 2021. But no worries, here we are in 2022!!! Yeahhh!

Can you believe it? That this problem has been in existence since 2013 and nobody at shipstation can prioritize it? Me neither! It's seriously unbelievable! Come on!!! Please!! I'll order you pizza! I'll order you 10 pizzas! With any toppings except for pineapple because honestly what an abomination! Please make us happy! 2022 is the year I'm feeling it!


We have the same problem - hoping to see a solution soon!