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"UPS from ShipStation" should offer access to the same free shipping supplies that traditional UPS accounts can order at
First-timer (legacy)
This definitely needs to be an option. Not having access to Shipstation's UPS corporate account we are not able to order UPS free supplies, this should be an option to do thru shipstation. Also if we were to use our own UPS account we can not get the quantities we need because we can not show enough volume for packages shipped because we are using the Shipstation UPS account for the majority of our shipments.
First-timer (legacy)
YES! Thus absolutely needs to be done! We use UPS through ship station and looks like there is no way to order UPS supplies.
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Community Manager
Community Manager

I agree 100% that Shipstation should offer the free shipping supplies made available thru USPS and UPS, via the Shipstation Portal. This is a no brainer.


We only use Shipstation so UPS does not want to give us lots of free stuff on our separate UPS account which sees no activity, because it does not reflect our actual Shipstation UPS activity.


Please add this basic feature asap!