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Ecwid recently added a new feature, which allows a store to add a "tip" option during the checkout process.  Read about it here.  (We changed the label to "donations" in our Ecwid store, but the field is the same.)  You can add multiple tip/donation amounts.  We have added several ranging from $25 up to $1,000.  


We added this great new feature to our Ecwid store, and we have a lot of people using it.  However, when the orders import from Ecwid to ShipStation, the "tip" field does not import.  


This skews my daily reporting, because at the end of the day, when I add up my daily orders in ShipStation, there is a discrepancy between the amount of sales in ShipStation and the amount of sales in Ecwid. 


In addition, I believe this will be a source of confusion for a customer who added a tip during checkout.  They might have paid $200 total, including items totaling $175 plus a $25 tip; however, when the order imports to ShipStation, the $25 tip is missing.  Therefore, the order shows a total of only $175, not $200.  The $175 amount shows on the packing slip that is included with their order and in the confirmation email they receive when they place their order.   

I have been in touch with both Ecwid and ShipStation.  A manager from ShipStation, Amber C, told me, "In speaking with the product managers for Ecwid, they have confirmed that this information is available to import as a line item. The item would be 'tips' with the $price showing."  


But at this time I am the only person requesting this field be imported.  Are there others out there who are using the "tip" field in the checkout process of Ecwid and who want to see this import as a line item into ShipStation?  If so, please vote and let ShipStation know that we want this line item added as quickly as possible.  


Thank you!


Julie B.

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