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Recently there was a problem with the eBay store integration right before the weekend which caused a lot of our orders to have a delinquent shipping status due to the fact they were not pulling in to our awaiting shipment section of ShipStation. 

We have a ton of integration and stores that we connect with so its rather difficult for us to proactively check that each one is pulling in orders until it is too late. Unfortunately this happened right before a weekend so we had a massive pile up of orders. Unfortunately we couldn't fix this ourselves and had to reach out to support (which was a pleasant experience) to get the backlogged orders pulled in. Unfortunately we had to rush to try to ship 200 orders within an hour to prevent further issues.

We performed an internal post-mortem to try and identify what happened, and how internally we can prevent something like this from happening in the future. It would be lovely to be able to subscribe to the Status page on ShipStation or even receive a notification somehow when there is an issue so we can proactively take control instead of blindly trusting all of the systems. Today when we try to subscribe to the status page we only get the option of using an Atom Feed or an RSS feed. 

Suggestion: Would be awesome if we could somehow get email or even text updates when there are outages with relation to integrations and sales channels so we can take over and manually get the orders shipped. Whether that is attached to the ShipStation status page or some other notification setting. We were kind of caught off guard how there was this whole issue on ShipStation's end but ShipStation didn't bother to proactively reach out because we were impacted.