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Hello to all!

I spoke with support and they keep referring me here to try to attract some attention to this issue. The carrier I use, Argo Shipping, is not currently a ShipStation partner, but they want to be. This came up because we want to see the rates the provide us show directly onto ShipStation, but because Argo is not yet a SS partner and are instead directly integrated into our SS, we can't see the rates yet.

Argo has told me they have all of the API's and technology built to provide to ShipStation at a moment's notice, but that they have not ever received a response when submitting to become a partner.

Can someone please help me with this? I'd really like to be able to see exactly what I'm paying in ShipStation itself through my carrier, Argo. I'm happy to connect you with the Argo team as well. Please help!

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I've had this same concern, we use Argo Shipping as well. 

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This is Connor here, I represent Argo. We'd love to be enabled to integrate our services with ShipStation. It would be great if a ShipStation rep could help us get the integration started.


Hello @BBL


Thanks for reaching out on our community. Have you been able to fill out a request form? If not, your first step would be to fill out our partner request form


-Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Community Manager 

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Hi @Manager-Erin,

Yes we have! Maybe a few times haha.

However, we have not heard anything back yet and are eager to integrate. Is there someone we can talk to directly? We'd love to set up a meeting.

Thanks so much for your help.


Hi Erin, we've loved shipping with Argo...can you please help them so that we can see rates populate on shipstation? Their team is great to work with I'm sure it would be a quick and easy process