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New Contributor
Status: Completed
Currently all items are brought into ShipStation regardless of whether or not they are already fulfilled on Shopify. We often issue refunds immediately following a customer purchase due to customer error, at which point we mark the item as fulfilled in Shopify to prevent us from shipping product that has been refunded. ShipStation shows all items on an order regardless of if they are fulfilled on Shopify or not, and prints them all on the packing slip. Even 'Syncing' after order changes does not correct this. I have to imagine others must be facing this issue and running the risk of shipping product that has been refunded!
First-timer (legacy)
I agree with this. Either make refunded items not appear at all on packing lists, or make fulfillled items not appear at all. We didn't even realize ShipStation was not automatically removing refunded items and have been sending out free product. 😕
New Contributor
This has further become a problem because ShipStation isn't supporting the native Shopify edit order function. If you edit an order to remove an item it's still in ShipStation even after a sync!
Status changed to: Completed

ShipStation has updated the Shopify integration to accommodate line item adjustments made on Shopify orders. Please review the Updating Modified Shopify Orders section in our Shopify help article for details. 


If your Shopify orders are not getting updated as described, please contact our support team to ensure the Line Item Adjustments option has been enabled in your account.