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Status: Started
Provide Real Time Carrier rates for eCommerce integration - or provide UPS/USPS/FedEx credentials so we can use 3rd party plugins to pull the rates.
Occasional Contributor

Many people use a plugin by a third party company which provides live rates, but has lots of other issues.  I also have to pay them to use the plugin.  This is totally ridiculous, please support live rates!  


Wow. This is disappointing to learn one of ShipStation's main selling points of a discounted UPS rate can't actually offer those rates to the end-customers for WooCommerce. WooCommerce accounts for the majority of eCommerce websites. From a development standpoint it should be very simple:


1. Require the WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin
2. Add a tokenized endpoint to fetch the Shipstation UPS account key

3. Override the UPS API call to place your account into it so the customer gets your negotiated rates


That's it. I could have something like this programmed in a few days there. What gives?

Occasional Contributor

This is desperately needed for WooCommerce


Please add live shipping rates to Squarespace! Such a bummer that theres no way to do this.

Occasional Contributor

Three Years Down the line, still nothing. What did you resort to? 

Occasional Contributor

Is there anybody OUT there?

Howdy everyone! 


Thank you for making this desire known! 


I know this is something that my team is actively looking into bringing to ShipStation soon. Your patience is greatly appreciated 🙂 

Occasional Contributor
Thanks so Much, I cannot think of a better gift than finally being able to fully being able to integrate shipstation with WooCommerce. 
Occasional Contributor

I will add that I also have a web dev group focussing on Wordpress/Woo and Shopify, and if needed, we could help.


Please Please add the real time rate feature for WooCommerce into your plugin. It is really crucial for your plugin for WooCommerce. We have to pay a third party to do this and it never works fine.

I know your competitors already has done this but still ShipStation is more reliable to me.

Thank you!