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Status: Completed
No idea why Shipstation thought that changing our tracking links from a direct link to USPS tracking to a third party ( tracking link was an "upgrade". It's a downgrade, and now a separate step to copy the tracking number and open a new window for USPS tracking in order to see more complete information. The tracking is not useful. We should have either USPS tracking or the option to toggle between either.
As of today when you click on a USPS tracking number in Shipments, the link takes you to a tracking page instead of the page that it used to link to. The page does not provide the detail needed, specifically the expected delivery date and time that the page provides. This is a downgrade not an upgrade, please change this back.
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I agree with Bryan, This option for me is not an upgrade. And would mess with my work flow as I am not going to take advantage of the global program provided by My suggestion would be a option to set a default. If the user prefers to use USPS over Stamps, let them choose what works best for them. Currently I have an addition unneeded step. This may not seem like much, but when you are dealing with 100+ orders a day this step becomes time consuming.
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Please revert back or give us the option to use USPS tracking. has proven to be inaccurate in several cases we have pulled up in the past 24 hours and is creating a larger workflow for us to track shipments. This is truly a downgrade, not an upgrade as Bryan stated. We are not using GAP and should not be forced into using an inefficient system. Please change this back immediately!
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I agree with the comments here about creating an option for Stamps, USPS, and I see some people are interested in a branded tracking page but regardless, options are better. For our work flow design, this creates an extra step to connect to the USPS tracking and 100+ searches a day adds up in valuable time
Also agree; this adds an unnecessary step for me as well. Also, I would not want customers to use/see the tracking instead of the real USPS tracking and I don't want to see it either. As only one example of the uselessness of tracking trying to parse USPS actual tracking, when the label is created, USPS tracking says something like "label created but not scanned yet" while says something to the effect of "this number does not exist please contact USPS" So far I experience zero value from this switch and some detriment. If there is a value, have a toggle so we could do either/or. If not, go back to the way it was with a direct link to USPS.
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I agree. Please revert back to USPS website instead of Or at least give us an option in the settings. does not provide as much information and you have to manually search the tracking info to go to USPS website. tracking provides a worse experience for the customer, and myself as a business when I have to inquire on a package.
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Change this back immediately! tracking is horrible. Agree with this post. You are causing more work for us instead making our life easier.
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I agree as well!
Agreed. It's a good thing we didn't already have an overflowing inbox asking about shipping. Oh, wait...
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Please revert back to USPS tracking. This new (unannounced!) step adds more work to our shipping and customer service team. the site provides incomplete information and so we and our customers have to take yet another step to get complete information. It is a HORRIBLE mistake. Please change it back.