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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Completed
The Royal Mail integration is generally well done but we're still having to manually write custom declaration labels for non-EU shipments. Having moved from a cheaper shipping platform that offered automated labels (exactly like UPS) this is a step backward. Can we please have declaration labels for Royal Mail. The digital declaration is going to be required very soon by RM I believe so ShipStation may not be compliant. Thanks
Also UK to EU shipments do not need customs declarations so it is an absolute waste of time to be forced to do it in the platform. I only found this out after 4 hours on Friday night trying to do the End Of Day and the error "cannot divide by 0" being returned. Work out your bugs before selling software please!
First-timer (legacy)
Can a file not be created when the end of day is done, that can be sent to RM, like Linnworks do? This functionality is required BEFORE the end of 2018.
Super User
Super User
Amen, CN22 and CN23 customs labels as a print option please. The data they need is in the system it just needs templating into a 6x4" thermal label format as an option.