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Since we found out that shipstation did have an integration for Sendle, we noticed that the rates (which are connected to our sendle API) are constantly being 'booked' at the next highest rate (weight) and size.  Which means we have to back track in to sendle, cancel the shipstation order, and rebook the shipment in sendle.  We have probably lost a few hundred $$ before we figured out this was happening.  You guys say the data is coming from sendle, sendle says they're sending the right data.  When every penny counts, this has been a brutal holiday shopping snafu. I've had a ticket in since 12/6 with no updates or communication. 

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Hey there @shipping20


It's great to hear that you've started a ticket with support. For this type of behavior that is certainly the right call to make. 


Please double check that thread, if its been since the 6th I'm very confident that my team has responded. Your patience while we check into this Sendle rate discrepancy, is greatly appreciated!