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Status: Completed
Our product mix includes an even split between products that ship small parcel and products that ship via an LTL freight carrier. We need to be able to provide live shipping rates within the BigCommerce checkout experience which is most easily done through an application called ShipperHQ. The challenge is that there is not currently an integration between ShipperHQ and Shipstation that would allow us to offer our Shipstation UPS rates to customers within checkout. This shouldn't be that difficult to do via API. Please consider adding this integration.
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New Contributor

This is actually a huge problem for us.  We have a complicated system of both B2B and B2C orders, which need different shipping options, as well as heavy products that need to ship in more than one box.  The native calculators don't allow for the differentiation or for more than one box, so many times our customers either are presented with shipping options that are completely inappropriate for their orders, or aren't given any at all, since the live rate calculator is trying to put too much in one box.

Shipper HQ was the only way we were able to finally fix this problem...but now that carriers are removing negotiated rates from our accounts thanks to skyrocketing costs (and ShipStation is charging us extra every month to have our own carrier rates), we are having to use ShipStation's rates for our packages.

But there's no way to feed these rates through to our checkout, because ShipStation and ShipperHQ can't talk to each other!

ShipStation, if you are going to charge people extra to use their own carrier rates, then shame on you for not allowing your rates to be portable into other apps that we need for our businesses like ShipperHQ!

Please: either fix this soon, or waive these surcharges until you do.