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Have Shopify's "Additional Details" and "Notes" sections import to different ShipStation fields! They are currently importing to 1 field in Shipstation, "Customer Order Notes". Currently, if an order in Shopify has any information stored in the "Additional Details" column of an order, that information is imported into Shipstation in the "customer Order Notes" Field. This is the same field that the Shopify "Notes" section imports to. Shopify businesses commonly use the Shopify "Notes" section for gift messages. So, when all this info is imported, you get a gift message + any data from the "Additional Details" column funneling all together in the same Shipstation field. This causes a huge headache for fulfillment and shipping teams that have to then manually separate a gift message from any other data that the import is capturing. Check out my images to see a live example.
First-timer (legacy)
Hello, ShipStation will likely not be able to map this due to how Shopify sends the data as a string with attributes. However, I have written an automated tool that can process these automatically! If interested, let me know.
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I having the same problem. It is such a hassle. Plus, additional information is an internal documentation that in no way should appear within packing slips or invoices, especially merged with customer notes. What is the point of selecting what fields to appear on your packing slip when the system does whatever it wants.
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We are having the same issue. Has anyone came up with a fix for this??