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TNT is a bulk shipper yet Shipstation only facilities the sending of a single package / box with this carrier. Even Australia Post has functionality for multiple packages. Can the developers please implement multiple boxes / packages for TNT and FEDEX,?

Occasional Contributor

Yes @Lumiere, I agree. Not supporting multiple packages is a massive oversight.  Considering Shipstation offers this for other carriers I am amazed they didn't implement this functionality from the start. 


Not supporting multiple boxes means having to leave the Shipstation environment thus the streamlining benefits Shipstation customers pay for each month are eroded.


Please implement multiple packages for TNT and FedEx ASAP. 


Hello there @Lumiere and @makebadges


Thank you for posing this idea!


I definitely why you're looking for multiple package with the TNT carrier out of Australia. We will definitely keep this idea up so it can be reviewed and voted on! 


I do have some good news though! Using FedEx in your ShipStation account, absolutely does support multi-package shipments!


This article will go over how to create those Multi-package labels and shipments.


I hope this helps! 🙂 

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Hi @Moderator-Davis,


Thanks for your reply. FedEx is not a domestic carrier in Australia, FedEx handles international shipments only (TNT handles their domestic shipping).   Support for TNT and multi packages will be required until at least 2023.


18 months since this thread was started and the issue has not been addressed. 😞