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We would love to use Shipstation if it integrated with our couriers, or integrated with a third party who could help with more courier integrations. We use UK Mail, Yodel and DX.
First-timer (legacy)
Hello, I would be interested in an answer to this post. I have just signed up to a trial but cannot use Shipstation going forward as we use UK Mail only as our courier. As UK Mail are owned by DHL will we see some integration?
First-timer (legacy)
We also really need integration with UK Mail
First-timer (legacy)
We would also love ship station to integrate with Yodel and UK Mail, We do online alcohol retail and it seems a lot of other online alcohol retail firms including producers distilleries favour UK Mail and Yodel. With the Current number of craft alcohol producers appearing there surely must be demand for this.
First-timer (legacy)
We also need a way to connect with Yodel
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DX have just given us a fantastic express rate! Downside is there is no integration with Ship Station. Ship Station please contact DX and get the integration going. DPD are not the be all in end all... used Interlink express for years, then they merged and a few months later low and behold they can't do collections in our area efficiently. So we moved to Parcelforce and the last 6 months has been a disaster! Hoping DX will be the solution to our express service.
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We are interested to have DX linked in shipstation, DX developer team is happy to biuld the link but who can handle it? I have contact Shipstation and they just said: we have not any plugin with DX at the moment. any advice?
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I think it would be ideal at least to allow custom integrations. I could easily write an integration for Yodel / DX, but we would need the labels to print out at the same time as the packing lists due to large order volume. Instead we would have to write something to use their webhooks to receive orders and pass on the order information for label creation. It's fine for 50 orders a day but not much more than that.
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Would be great if could add new courier/carriers such as Yodel DX and Tuffnells
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Could also use "carriers" such as Customer Pickup, or Our Truck as valid methods
First-timer (legacy)
For us Tuffnells would be a deal breaker. I would sing up imediately if ShipStation added Tuffnells. We ship 1500-2000 parcels per month.