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Purolator desktop application allows some clients to mark packages with a label of "Digital Health Indicator". This helps patient-health related packages to get priority over other packages, among other things.
The biggest feature needed is to include the indicator on the Package Label:


Currently, this indicator cannot be selected on Shipstation.
Are their plans to add this in the roadmap?

Some reasons folks may use this indicator:
Digital Health Indicator Benefits:
*shipment of healthcare items like medical equipment and vital medications
*visual and digital alerts that allow for easy identification of healthcare packages
*prioritize induction of healthcare shipments in the first mile
*expedited sorting and movement of shipments through the network
*enhanced visibility on driver handhelds for final mile delivery

FYI, it's not mentioned in the integration page as available/not available: [Nov 29 2023]


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Update from the Team at Purolator:

"We don’t have documentation regarding the digital health indicator. Please see below regarding the options and this option-value pair will have no effect unless the account is flagged for healthcare by sales/contract team. (We do have this flag ON for our accounts)"

image001 (1).png

I am confirming with them the ability to use and interact with this feature.