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Deliverr is the Walmart's 2Day shipping program. In order to be competitive with Amazon they are now offering the same shipping times. Having this integrated with Shipstation would help make for a smooth transition to faster shipping option for Walmart.
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I agree. We need an integration from ShipStation to Deliverr!!!
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Hi We would like to have this integration too. Thanks
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We have implemented multi-node on Walmart so now orders are divided into two parts. seller fullfilled and 3PL see help link below. We don't want you to import 3PL orders (they will get fullfilled by Deliverr) or we will end up shipping twice. Please implement this change urgently. Many other walmart sellers are affected with this change.
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agreed, need it asap please
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This would be very helpful. We've had to turn off our ShipStation / Walmart connection because it currently isn't compatible with Deliverr
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I also agree. Every day i have to manually enter 50-100 orders into deliverr from shipstation and then the next day have to manually update the trackings. It would be so much easier to just send those orders to deliverr for pending fulfillment
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I agree as well. Also Walmart to Shipstation integration currently auto acknowledges the order. This prevent orders to be created in Deliverr. Ideally, integration should 1. auto acknowledge the order with inventory stored in non deliverr warehouse 2. does not acknowledged orders with inventory stored in deliverr warehouse
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Yes we need this! ASAP!
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I would love to be able to send orders to the Deliverr network of warehouses. Does anyone know if that is in the works or has someone built a link that I can use?



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