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Shipstation orders sidebar no longer shows custom fields from etsy and other marketplaces in the ITEMS tab.


Clicking into order details shows heavily shortened custom fields, with the only way to read the full details is hover over the field which means selecting the info is not possible.


So now, shipstation is an order management suite with no way to easily select info submitted by the customer. And even reading it has become increasingly difficult.


Is this by design, or is this an error which will be quickly fixed?


We also have the same issue. Hope Shipstation could restore this feature ASAP.......

New Contributor

Same here. Our workflow is wrecked right now. We have to click a bunch of times to get to the information, and since we have a lot of custom orders this is taking 3x times compared to before. I am pretty sure some sellers are struggling even more if they are only doing custom work

New Contributor

Please bring the old version back. This new layout is totally useless for all Etsy users because it does not show item details. It only shows either t-shirt size or t-shirt color and every time I need to check the details, I have to double-click the order and this is totally waste of time. I do not want to work with ShipStation if this version is preferred.


Please please bring the old version back.

Occasional Contributor

We have the same issue and it has also wrecked our production workflow as we relied on copy and paste from ShipStation item options.


I have raised it with support and hopefully we can get it resolved ASAP.


This is happening to us! We are a personalised gifting business and NEED to copy / paste custom text personalisation.

This is slowing us down immensely! Please resolve asap Shipstation 😞


Same here. I opened a ticket with support.

New Contributor

This is happening to me with SQUARE store, but the sizes aren't showing up.