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How do you bill your dropshippers and sync orders?

New Contributor

We are a manufacturer and have a WooCommerce site. The syncing works nicely between our site and ShipStation. We have our first dropshipper client who's ready to start promoting our products on their Shopify site - they also use OrderDesk integrated with ShipStation to sync their orders with us.


The issue and request I have is how can we get the orders from them into our WooCommerce system so we have a place to view the orders and track sales and marketing promotions? 


How does everyone else bill their customers if they are on net terms? I'm not seeing solutions even if we try to export the orders from ShipStation. We could use Quickbooks but my partner doesn't want to use that.


Any feedback is most appreciatiated.


New Contributor

Hey WCA - Why are you wanting to get their orders into your WooCommerce instance? To bill the sale? However, you're operating on net terms so that is less of a worry. 


I'd be receiving the orders in ShipStation, managing your inventory there or via an integrated IMS, and maybe running a periodic Shipped Items report and invoicing them through your accounting software? It's not the slickest approach but it doesn't sound like you're doing mammoth numbers at the moment so won't result in too much admin work.