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How to ship large product (furniture)?


Original post by user Sumayyah Chenault


Hello everyone!


I run a small business selling handmade furniture designs. My products are premium quality large cushions and pillows and I'm expanding my business nationally. Does anyone have experience shipping large items that don't fit in the standard boxes that carriers have, who to ship through (is it a regular carrier or specialty freight services), or any advice?


Thank you in advance and I hope you have a wonderful day!


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Are the cushions able to be folded or rolled up in any way? Similar to a lot of the new matress companies - they have machines that really compress them because of the size, and shrink wrap them. Then they unravel into shape. I am not sure if your manufacturer can send that you in that form but even if you can do it manually without damaging the product - you will save a ton in dimensional weights. 

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