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Ship Empty Box with Return Label


Hello, we are quoting a an opportunity to ship empty boxes out with a return label for the end user to return a defective part in.   The return address will be different than the origin.   Also the weight of the return will be different than the empty box.   Thanks



Hey there @PhilPal

Thanks for posting here in the community! 

I would love to hear from some community members who may have utilized a similar workflow! Any tips or tricks to a "starting from returns" style shipping floating around?

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

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We use a form (Zoho, but any form provider will work), send that data to Zapier, then we have a special store connection in SS that we have set up where we zap the data to create a new order with the status of shipped. We have a notification go to a user who then goes to the order and manually creates a return, which is then sent through email to the customer.

It's janky, but it works.