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Small business looking to make inventory management easier!

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Hello, we are a small business (5 employees) north of Detroit MI.
We sell on eBay, Amazon, and our own website. 

We are having some growing pains, mostly with inventory management
We currently use 3 programs:
ShipStation for shipping. 
Sage50 for inventory and purchase orders, sales orders, POS, etc. This has a custom-built "bridge" to grab orders from shipstation, and remove them from inventory in Sage50 (below) 

SCE: Shopping Cart Elite, website management/hosting, for keeping our items qty correct in the 3 different marketplaces, and keeping the photos and descriptions the same.

We are looking to simplify everything since we seem to be having a lot of issues, especially with keeping inventory correct, and with the availability of items that are in kits or assemblies.

any recommendations? 
has anyone ever hired a business consulting firm to look into your company to find ways to improve efficiency? 

our needs: 
A single platform that we can work from that ties into shipstation, that will control all of our needs at once. Something that will allow us to manage all of our inventory, especially the items that can be sold individually, OR in kits. 

thanks community! 



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There's a great course called "Setting Up Inventory in ShipStation" that might answer some of your questions.

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We need a program that can create purchase orders, and send inventory info to eBay and amazon and our website 

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  • Does not communicate with your store (Except
  • Does not communicate with your external inventory solution
  • Does not Send purchase orders to vendors
  • Does not Split apart kit/bundle SKUs into individual component SKUs