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"order count" variable not working, or not mapped from custom fields. (2 Min Loom Video Below)

Occasional Contributor

Video shows what I've tried and what I've been doing manually and will be a lot easier/faster to digest at 2x than reading this below.

I want to have the shopify variable "order count" show up on the bottom of the label when I print it. I really just want to know if its a first time customer or not, without having to click to look at the customer or type that into the custom field on the label. I've made a video of what I've done so far, using the help and other comments, but its not working and I don't know what its doing. It looks like it should work, but it doesn't, which is more frustrating than not having the option at all. I have zapier zaps using this same variable "order count" that works fine with Slack and other APIs.



Occasional Contributor

Sorry, it's actually closer to 5 minutes... so 2 min video at 2.5x speed? Bait and switch...


I had the same problem.  I went to the shipstation app in shopify and saw it needed to be updated.  That fixed it for me.