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Status: New

Currently the ShipStation API will only return label data when the label is created (POST /shipments/createlabel).


It would be very useful for us to be able to pull the label data through the list shipments endpoint (GET /shipments).


As this will increase the amount of data returned by the API, adding a parameter similar to includeShipmentItems would make the labelData field optional. Additionally, it would be important to get label data for multiple orders at the same time to reduce the number of API calls we would need to use. In our use case we search for shipments between a specific shipDateStart and shipDateEnd.

Status changed to: New

Yes, this would be very helpful! For example, if we send return labels with an outgoing shipment, the recipient may lose it, and we'd like to be able to programmatically pull that shipping label and email them it. I know it is accessible via the UI but via the API would be great.

New Contributor

I too find this will be really helpful feature to be added. The feature was requested will be considered and be added soon. 
Thanks you