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Did you hear the news? We’re proud to announce the release of ShipStation Dropship Manager, our first-ever solution for dropship managers to streamline and automate order fulfillment processes. If you manage drop shipments, here’s why we think you’ll love it: 


  • Automates a previously manual process reducing errors due to manual vendor management.  Instead of having to wade through spreadsheets and rely on emails back and forth, using our Dropship Manager will allow you to pass orders to your vendors directly via your ShipStation account. 
  • Removes the need for third party vendor management solutions. You and your vendors’ will be able to handle everything from your respective ShipStation Accounts; no need to pay for additional software to bridge the gap between parties. 
  • No additional costs outside of ShipStation subscription for your vendors. Best of all, your vendors will not need to pay anything for this service outside of their standard ShipStation subscription fees to utilize this feature as your vendor. 
  • Order routing and near real-time order status updates. You will be able to send orders as they come and are able to see updates on the status of these orders without needing to initiate manual contact with your vendors. 
  • View reports and information for drop shipped orders. In addition to having visibility to updates on order status, you will also have expanded reporting capabilities for these fulfilments. 


Learn more about ShipStation Dropship Manager to get started.