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This round of Release Notes includes a handful of feature additions, like updates to auto-split and product bundles, as well as several bug fixes for Canada Post and UPS from ShipStation.



  • Product Bundles: We added a filter to the Product grid, so you can view your Product Bundles. 
  • Void Labels: We updated Void labels so it uses the label create date instead of the order create date to determine if the label qualifies for voiding. 
  • Auto-Split - Custom Quantity: We have added a new Auto-Split feature: Split by Quantity. Now you can split products within an order(s) by using a custom quantity. Previously, you could only split by line item or by a quantity of 1. Find this feature on the Product Details > Shipping tab. MDunegan_0-1692909451788.png



  • Canada Post: Character Limits: The Canada Post API now has character limits for SKU and Customs Descriptions. 
    • SKU: 15 characters limit
    • Custom Description: 45 characters limit

When a customs description exceeds the limit, you will be unable to create labels. Instead, the following error will return:  /rs/0004597532-8157624/0004597532/shipment: cvc-simple-type 1: element {}customs-description is not a valid instance of the element type. Value is 'ZEBCO QUANTUM XP318-02 HANDLE ASSEMBLY (BLACK)'

  • UPS Mail Innovations - Rates Available: Rates are now available for one of UPS Mail Innovations’ (MI) services: Expedited Mail Innovations for domestic shipments only. These rates are only available in the Configure Shipment Widget. To see rates for this service, you will need to have already set up UPS MI with UPS. In the ShipStation UI, you’ll need to enter your 
    • CustomerID → also known as UPS MI account number (it is 5-6 digits and is numeric only)
    • Customer GUID → also known as rate key (must be a valid GUID).




Bug Fixes


  • ParcelGuard and XCover: We fixed the errors, “Wallet not found for currency USD” and “Wallet not found for currency GBP”. You can now add insurance coverage to shipments without issue. 
  • Insights-Shipment Count Per User Report: We updated the “Today” filter to show the shipment count per user to filter for today instead of the day before. 
  • Deallocating Stock: We resolved an issue that would make the screen unresponsive after attempting to deallocate stock. Now, you can deallocate products without refreshing the page. 
  • Subscription Page
    • Premium Features: We cleaned up the Subscription page interface to make it clearer which Premium Features are associated with your subscription plan. These are now listed under Added Benefits to clarify that these features are not typically included in your current subscription plan. 
    • Subscription cost: We fixed the Subscription payment line items so the Your Carriers feature displays the correct cost. 
  • Shipment consolidators now visible for the correct plan levels: Accounts should now show the correct list of Providers within ShipStation based on your plan level. 
  • Order Details: We fixed two items for the newly updated Order Details UI:
    • Now buttons in the new Order Details UI will stack horizontally. Previously, they appeared vertically, making it harder to read.
    • Fixed a bug in the new Order Details view that would auto-assign a value of "Today" to a Ship Date or Hold Until Date when, in fact, those date values didn't exist.



  • Deutsche Post DHL (Germany): We corrected the timestamps for Tracking so it follows the proper ISO 8601 Format of Year-Month-Day-Hour-Minute. 
  • UPS from ShipStation
    • Balance: We have fixed an issue where some merchants were seeing a mismatched amount between the label fee and the amount deducted from their balance.
    • Cost Review - Breakdown of Surcharges: We have fixed a bug that prevented the breakdown of line items for Surcharges from showing in the Cost Review popup as expected. These include additional handling on UPS international service and Saturday Delivery, Delivery Confirmation, Insurance, and Large Package fees. MDunegan_2-1692909904267.png

  • Canada Post
    • Confirmation Type 19+ Signature: We corrected a problem that prevented the confirmation “Proof of Age Required - 19” message from appearing on the label when selected. Previously, the space was blank. MDunegan_3-1692909939390.png
    • Return Labels: We have corrected a problem with Canada Post return labels so they now appear as expected. Return labels previously had the TO and FROM addresses swapped.
  • Form CN22/CN23 shows for international shipments: We fixed a bug so now the CN22/CN23 commercial invoice for international shipments will be visible under the Customs Forms column for you to download or print.

Selling Channels

  • Shopify
    • Shipment notifications: We addressed the issue that caused the shipment notification error: All fulfillment orders must have the same delivery method type. Multiple delivery method types. Now Shipmment Notifications will send without needing to manually resend them. 
    • Shopify V2 - Financial Status Settings: For merchants using Shopify Legacy V2 that have chosen to map the order status Authorized = Awaiting Payment, we have updated the Shopify V2 Store Setting so that now the change to Authorized = Awaiting Payment is respected as long as Instant Order Import, aka Instant Order Synch (IOS), is OFF.
  • EKM: EKM stores now import orders as expected. We fixed the issue that would display error messages when attempting to import orders from EKM stores.