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We start the new year with some improvements to product management and some minor bug fixes. 



  • Address Verification - We disabled address verification auto-correction for non-US addresses on manual orders for ShipStation accounts outside the US. This will prevent EU addresses from auto-correcting with outdated addresses. 
  • Deactivate Products - We improved product deactivation so you can now deactivate a product if it does not have a name. 

Bug Fixes


  • Void Label - We fixed the new Order Details so if you edited the address of a shipment then void the label, the address will not change. Previously, the address would revert to the address used prior to the edit.
  • Carrier Pick-up -We corrected how weights display in the Schedule Carrier Pick-up. It will now display weights in metric if unit settings are set to metric.  



  • UPS - Return labels now display the customer's phone number instead of the merchant’s phone number, as expected. 
  • Royal Mail - We adjusted labels for Shopify orders with addresses that exceed the 35 character limit. Labels will split addresses so it does not exceed the 35 characters and will appear properly on the label.