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  • If your Ship From Location address or Return address cannot be validated, we will now alert you with an error message when you are using the Rate Browser or bulk updating your orders.
    Click Edit in the error message to update your address in your Settings > Shipping > Ship From Locations.

























  • For US and Canada users: We updated our SMS Tracking Notifications to comply with nationwide SMS messaging restrictions. SMS tracking notifications that include store names or product information about cannabis, cannabinoids, CBD, prescription medication, and related terms will no longer be sent to your customers.
    Please review our What are the SMS notification restrictions? help article for further details.













  • eBay (V2):
    • Click & Collect eBay orders will now import into ShipStation in the Awaiting Shipment status.
    • You can now map eBay order details to custom fields in ShipStation. To add custom field mappings, go to Settings > Selling Channels > Edit Store Details for eBay > Edit eBay Settings.


Bug Fixes


  • When using Scan to Verify, your mouse cursor will now appear in the Verify Item field so that this field is automatically populated with the scan result. You no longer have to click into the Verify Item field each time you scan an item, saving you time and helping you pack your orders faster.
  • After you manually edit the Ship To address of an open order, your changes will no longer be overridden by subsequent store updates that bring in new order information. Learn more about editing order details.
  • We fixed an issue that prevented you from adding previously-deleted alias SKUs via a product CSV import. You can now add an alias SKU that was previously associated with an inactive or deleted product without error.
  • We fixed an issue that prevented orders from being reopened on the Shipments page. Additionally, you can now double-click a row in the Shipments grid to open the Shipment Details.
  • We fixed a timezone issue that was causing batches to not display the correct ship date for shipments from Australia. The timezone has been adjusted to Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).
  • The Product Sales report on the Insights page was generating a blank report for some users. This issue has been fixed and you can now generate your Product Sales from Insights > Reports > Products > Product Sales.



  • eBay (V2):
    • We fixed an issue that caused the incorrect Ship Date to be sent with shipment information to eBay for some orders.
    • We also fixed an issue that caused shipment notifications to not be sent to eBay on the first attempt. Shipment notifications will now go through the first time without having to be resent.
    • We resolved an issue that caused some users to have to reconfigure their eBay store connection to import their orders. You should no longer see the following error when attempting to import eBay orders: “An error occurred attempting to update orders: Failed to Parse MonoAuth response”
  • EcwidIf you previously connected Ecwid to a Legacy version of ShipStation, you can now connect your Ecwid store to the current version of ShipStation without issue. You can also reconfigure your Ecwid store during troubleshooting.
  • FedEx:
    • We fixed an issue that caused some FedEx tracking number links to direct you to an error page from the Shipments grid.
    • We also fixed an issue that caused some incorrect FedEx tracking links to be sent to Shopify.
  • WixWe resolved the following error that was preventing some Wix orders from importing into ShipStation: "An error occurred attempting to update orders: Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

When are you going to add back the ability to send orders out via Amazon FBA Europe and also add Amazon Australia?  


New Contributor

I had submitted a bug in MAY 2021 and it had supposedly been escalated. No follow-up for months. I'm truly disappointed in the support for what has been a stellar product for our business for over a decade.


BUG: The order window is not showing USPS as the carrier (it's just blank). The only way to get the carrier to appear in the column marked "carrier" is to go into each individual order. 




Is anyone else experiencing this? I've done the requisite attempts to fix including, clearing cache, restarting machine, login/out. 


This is the ticket that I've attempted to reply to 3 times in the last 45 days to be IGNORED by support. 

1841206 Escalation Resolved Escalations- V3 Carrier icon not showing in orders tab


Hey there @antnyc


Thanks for providing the details that you did about your ongoing issue. When I pulled up your account on my end, I am not seeing this behavior in action.


With this in mind, I definitely want to help make sure this is not something you are still experiencing. I will be following up with you via direct message so that we can figure out what next steps to take together 🙂 


I hope its a terrific day! 

Hello there @sellerDK


I reached out to my team with this question about FBA expanding in the future. They have let me know that while only US/CA/UK FBA integrations are up and running, that we are certainly keeping in mind the options for the other countries as we move forward. They are not planned for the immediate future, but we are aware of this need and looking into it.

Occasional Contributor
  • We resolved an issue that caused some users to have to reconfigure their eBay store connection to import their orders. You should no longer see the following error when attempting to import eBay orders: “An error occurred attempting to update orders: Failed to Parse MonoAuth response”

What if we are getting this error still?