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  • No new features were added to ShipStation. 

Bug Fixes


  • The fulfillment grid now shows the nickname of the 3PL that fulfilled the order instead of "Auctane Fulfillment Test". The name will match what you put in Settings > Shipping > Fulfillment Providers as the Fulfillment Provider’s nickname.


  • Made a small change to the Checkout Rates page to prevent crashing if you did not have an updated Magento plugin installed on your store.

  • Fixed the End of Day Error "Failed to retrieve open shipments." You should now be able to close out EOD forms



  • Amazon: For Amazon shipment notifications, the shipping service OnTrac Ground Service should now be sent to Amazon as Ground. The previous mismatch caused the Shipping Service to be set to Other, and the invalid service led to possible Amazon account issues.

  • Stamps USPS:  Priority Mail shipments now correctly adds carrier insurance for shipments between $50 and $100.

  • WooCommerce: ShipStation sends “DPD” as the carrier code to WooCommerce instead of “Other”.

  • Wix: Updated the code so that when we notify Wix for FBA-fulfilled orders, you are not receiving the error “trackingLink has size 0, expected 1 or more”. 



  • CouriersPlease: You should no longer experience label timeout when generating labels with CouriersPlease.

  • UPS DE: Fixed the  "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error. You should now be able to create labels using UPS DE on a German ShipStation account.