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  • You can now bulk update the Service selection for orders that use a fulfillment provider.  One thing to note is that all orders being updated must be set to the same fulfillment provider or there you will receive an error.

Mobile Improvements

  • Big news! The Void Label feature is now available on the mobile version of ShipStation! You can void shipment labels and return labels. The void status appears in the Shipment section of the app.
  • Fulfillments side menu tab now displays even without a connected fulfillment provider! Now, your Mark as Shipped orders will show up in fulfillments.
  • MUCH faster scrolling/swiping/navigation between orders in the Order Details screen, no slowdown anymore! 
  • iPad versions will load more than 100 orders while swiping/pressing next on Order Details.
  • Finally added the Shipments section to Order Details screen so you can quickly access Shipment Details directly from an Order and see all its Shipments in one place. You can switch between Returns and Shipments by using the arrow icons.

Bug Fixes


  • Wix:  The Custom Text checkout field will now map to ShipStation as Product Item Options. 
  • Shopify (AU Accounts): Fixed an issue with Shopify’s timezone settings that prevented a successful order import.
  • Amazon CA: Ship Notifications for "Purolator" will now appear as Purolator in Amazon Seller Central instead of “Other”. 
  • Amazon: The Merchant Id is now removed from some error messages to improve security and privacy.
  • eBay: ShipStation now captures calculated dimensions for eBay products if you are using eBay’s calculated shipping or flat rate shipping using shipping rate tables with weight surcharges.
  • eBay Canada: Updated links in the order details for eBay Canada store order numbers to correctly link to the listing’s .ca URL.
  • UPS: Fixed a bug where Delivery At Place (DAP) was not properly designated on UPS customs forms for international shipments when you left the ‘Bill duties and taxes to payor of shipping charges’ box unticked for the shipment.
  • DHL Express: Fixed an error that prevented some merchants from creating a DHL Express label when the order number exceeds 35 characters.
  • DHL eCommerce v2: Resolved an issue around the error message "This Product is DDU only and does not offer prepaid Duties & Taxes (DDP) (Generic)".
  • Australia Post: The Ship From Location Company field now prints on labels.
  • NZ Post + Courier Post: Fixed an issue where the Carrier Fee displayed as $0.00. Now the fee will populate correctly.
  • NZ Courier Post: Fixed a bug that prevented auto-tracking updates from New Zealand Courier Post shipments.

iOS Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue on order details where recipient email addresses were formatted unusually. Email links now open the appropriate mail app when clicked. 
  • Fixed issue that prevented editing or copying recipient information from the Order Details.
1 Comment

You guys made the QuickBooks Integration even more useless with this update.


  • Removed progress bar for imports
  • Removed confirmation the process is completed
  • Forced format for dates: YYYY/MM/DD made entering this data unnecessarily time consuming
  • Does not import to invoices now, only sales receipts 
  • Still imports by ORDER DATE instead of SHIPPED DATE which makes this unnecessarily time consuming to research and create imports for