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This brief round of Release Notes focuses on a handful of bug fixes for the ShipStation interface as well as a few carriers and selling channels.

Bug Fixes


  • Rate Calculator via toolbar - From Postal Code (AU): We have improved logic on the Rate Browser in the toolbar to now include a From postal code so that carriers operating for Australia accounts may successfully receive rates. Australia merchants can now get rates from all carriers that support rate browsing if you provide all the required address information in the toolbar Rate Calculator.
  • ShipStation Connect
    • Restarts:  You can now use your scale consistently without having to restart the ShipStation Connect app. Previously, some merchants found ShipStation Connect lost connection to their scale and could only obtain a package weight after a restart.
    • Duplicate labels: Connect now prints only one copy of your created labels. Before, some merchants saw duplicate print jobs for labels until they restarted Connect.



  • DPD Ireland - Tracking: We have fixed a bug so that tracking responses and time stamps now work as expected for DPD Ireland shipments.
  • Visualsoft - eBay and Amazon email addresses with orders: We have updated our integration so that Visualsoft orders coming from eBay and Amazon will not import with an email address. Previously, they did, which caused the carrier to send delivery/dispatch updates, when these updates should only be coming from eBay or Amazon.
  • Better Trucks - Confirmation Type (US): We’ve improved our Better Trucks integration so that confirmation type is now included in our label creation requests. 

Selling Channels

  • Amazon UK
    • VAT tax: We corrected a problem to account for VAT being included with Amazon UK orders and made sure we only display the information as sent to us by the marketplace. Before, Amazon VAT tax was being recorded twice and was shown incorrectly in the “Total” field for Order Summary.
    • Amazon Shipping UK tracking links now redirect to the UK version of Amazon’s tracking page, as expected. Before, if you clicked into a tracking link for an Amazon Shipping UK label, it sometimes redirected to the US Amazon tracking page, and the link showed as invalid.
  • eBay 
    • Missing Orders: All merchant eBay orders will now import as expected and in a timely manner after they are placed. Previously, some merchants found missing groups of eBay orders starting on Nov 7, even after backdate refreshing their store.
    • Canada Post shipment notifications: We have updated the carrier code we send for Canada Post so that shipment notifications on eBay orders shipped by that carrier will now perform as expected. Previously, some eBay merchants saw their shipment notifications fail due to the invalid Canada Post carrier code.
  • Shopify - Mark as Shipped: We fixed a problem so now when you mark an order as shipped using "other" as the shipping service, the marketplace will be notified properly.