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  • Product Records: We fixed a bug with Product Records not linking due to the warehouselocation field being above 100 characters. You should now see an error message with an attempt to save via the product record, CSV, or API any warehouse location that has over 100 characters. 


    See the Custom Store Reference Guide for details about Order Information and ShipNotify field definitions, and the XML Schema for validating order information.




  • Total Inventory calculations and New Inventory Settings: You can now view all your available inventory sources whether it is your internal native inventory or the inventory you have at a particular 3PL warehouse. You can enable which inventory sources should be included in your total inventory calculations.
  • One Balance/ShipStation Carrier Services Load Faster: You will see your list of added carriers as soon as you go to the Carriers page. After a moment, the balance of some of those carriers (like will display.
  • Support and updated Terms & Conditions for France: We now list in the ShipStation app a new phone line for French support. ShipStation has updated its Terms & Conditions (T&C) and Privacy Policy for users in France. You must accept the new T&C and Privacy Policy before 12/1/2021 to continue using the ShipStation app.
  • Subscription Plans for European Merchants Live: Merchants in Germany and France can now select a subscription and sign-up from the ShipStation app. 


Bug Fixes



  • Refresh Rate for Wallet Balance: Now when you go to the Carriers page, we have improved the refresh rate so that the correct amount on your wallet balance appears.
  • Remove Recipient Tax ID: You now have the added ability to delete Recipient Tax ID from the Order Details.
  • A problem that prevented you from saving more than the first packages in a Multi-Package Shipments via Package Set selection no longer exists. We fixed it.
  • You will now be able to create multiple customs labels from the Customer page without issues. An issue that happened when you would create a label from the Customer page and no services would load is now corrected. 
  • ShipStation Carrier Service: When you attempt to register for a ShipStation Carrier Service, we will inform you if you have an ad-blocker installed and if you need to disable it for you to continue.
  • We resolved an issue so you can now remove a custom “Label Message” in Settings > Printing Setup.
  • You should no longer see an error when you attempt to create a custom export from the Shipments tab. 




  • Wix: We resolved an issue with our Wix integration so ShipNotify details will now successfully go through.


    NOTE: For any WIX stores that experience a Metasite Context error message on shipments that have failed to show ShipNotify details before 11/19/2021, please re-configure your WIX store to resolve this issue.


  • Rate Calculator: Instead of "unknown", the Rate Calculator will now reference the default currency of your account. We addressed the error message in rate calculation where the currency code came back from the rate calculator as "unknown". 
  • Should your, Endicia, or Express1 accounts end up with a negative balance, you will still see these providers in the Other Carriers section of the Carriers page.
  • Square: Merchants should now see all Square orders import as expected. If you still have an issue where you cannot see your Square orders importing, please reconfigure your Square connection.
  • CS Cart: We've made an update to ensure that you can properly add custom statuses to your CS Cart store connection.