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This update includes several carrier fixes and feature enhancements such as better support for metric weights and improved chat support.



  • Packing Slips - Packing Slips configured to show weight units in grams will now correctly display kilograms when the weight is equal to or greater than 1,000 grams
  • Shopify - ShipStation will now display two success messages when connecting a Shopify store. One message indicates the connection was successful and the second message indicates that orders have started to import from Shopify into ShipStation.
  • Support Chat - When you log into your account from another device or a new browser, you can view your past chat conversations with the chat bot and support. 


Selling Channels

Bug Fixes


  • Ship By Date - We fixed an issue causing the selected Ship By Date to not be saved. Now, when setting the Ship By Date on the Order Details screen, the date will be saved.
  • Place Orders On Hold - We corrected an issue that would allow you to set a shipped order’s status to On Hold from the Order Details screen, causing the order to be stuck in an open status. Now, when you try to set a shipped order to the On Hold status, an error message will be displayed.
  • Rate Calculator (UK) - Carriers that do not support rates were showing £0.00 in the rate calculator when comparing rates. This could lead to some confusion. Now, when comparing rates, carriers that do not support getting rates will display ‘£-’ and a tooltip with the message  “Carriers that do not send rates will appear as £-. You will still be charged the carrier's rate.”
  • CSV Imports - We fixed an issue that caused all successful CSV order imports to be displayed as having an error, even when successful. Now, only the imports containing actual errors will be displayed, making it much easier to troubleshoot.
  • Branded Tracking Page - We corrected the issue of some tracking events showing the incorrect  time zones for label creation and in-transit tracking. Now users in Australia will show the correct time zone.
  • Delegate 3PL Orders - We fixed the issue that would cause a blank print preview screen to show when delegating orders to a Fulfillment Provider. The orders should now delegate properly and not interrupt the user. 
  • Delete Fulfillment Provider - You can now delete a Fulfillment Provider connection. Previously, attempting to remove the provider would display a blank pop-up screen. 



  • Australia Post MyPost Business (AU) - We fixed an issue when scheduling a pick-up with Australia Post My Post Business that caused the weight in the pickup tile to show pounds and not grams. The weight will now correctly display in grams.
  • Australia Post eParcel - We restored the ability to create a return label when you select “Include a return label with outgoing shipment label”. 
  • UPS - Labels can now be successfully created and printed for shipments with a Ship To country set to Kosovo. Previously, the label could not be created and an error message would be displayed.
  • DHL Parcel (UK) - We increased the character limit for DHL Parcel commercial invoice declaration statements from 300 to 700 so that the declaration statement is no longer truncated. 
  • CouriersPlease (AU) - Clicking the tracking link for a CouriersPlease shipment will now direct you to the correct tracking page. Previously, you would be directed to the wrong page and would need to manually enter the tracking number.
  • Colissimo - You can now generate an End of Day form for Colissimo within ShipStation again. 
  • StarTrack - We fixed the issue that caused StarTrack to create duplicate labels. 
  • Royal Mail

Onboarding - Royal Mail will no longer display as “connected” on the Onboarding Page when it is not yet activated. 
Marked as Shipped - We fixed the issue where Marking a Shopify order as Shipped would display a different carrier when you selected Royal Mail as the carrier. Now Shopify order records in ShipStation will display Royal Mail when it is chosen. 
CN23 Forms - The weight declarations on CN23 forms and ShipStation shipment records now match.
Tracking - We addressed the issue of Royal Mail shipments displaying incorrect seller information when viewing Tracking information in ShipStation. 

Selling Channels

  • BigCommerce - ShipStation will no longer import incomplete or pending orders. Previously, incomplete and pending orders were imported and set to the Awaiting Payment status.
  • Channel Advisor

    • Amazon Buy Shipping is available with ChannelAdvisor again. 
    • We fixed the issue that would cause the Warehouse Location column in the Orders grid to not populate. Warehouse locations will now appear in the column as expected. 
    • We addressed the issue where the Ship By date did not appear on imported orders. 

Walmart - We corrected the issue that caused imports to fail and displayed the error message: There is an error in XML document. Orders will now import as expected.


New Contributor

Pudo still not working for colissimo, Label is successfuly created in colissimo backend but shipstation shows error : "Input string was not in a correct format".

Shipstation support told me that is due to "Service Point ID" which ShipStation does not have method  to supply that info during label creation. This not true, because "Service Point ID" is submited correctly to the colissimo webservice and label is generated by the carrier it self ,then shipstation fail to retreive it.

I'll talk with my colissimo SR, because they say Shipstation is their official partner when their main delivery service is not supported.


Occasional Contributor

Royal Mail - CN23 Customs forms have stopped printing along with the label