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The ShipStation feedback forum is moving from into a new, dedicated Ideas board in the ShipStation Community this September! Many community members have already posted good feedback and ideas here in the community and it just makes sense to have all of these discussions under one roof. 


The new Ideas board will open in early September. The former feedback forum will no longer accept new ideas, votes, or comments after August 4th, 2021. If you would like to post an idea after August 4th but before the new Ideas board is live, we have a temporary discussion board for just this purpose. All ideas posted in this temporary location will be moved to the official Ideas board once it is live in early September. 


What will happen to the existing Feedback and Fresh Ideas posts?


We are actively preparing content from the former ideas board to be moved to its new home. Please keep in mind, not all posts will be moved to the new Ideas board. The posts we do move will maintain their statuses, voter count, comments, and link to the original poster (if that poster is a community member). 


Posts we will move to the new Ideas board: 


  • All posts in Started, Planned, and In Consideration Queue statuses.
  • Some posts in the Under Review status or with no status, based on post age, recent activity, and vote count.
  • Posts that have been set to Completed within the last 12 months.


Any posts we do not move to the new Ideas board will be put in the Archived status on the old forum. If an idea you liked or one you personally posted does not get moved to the new Ideas board, we invite you to post your idea again once the Ideas board is live so it will be visible to the rest of the community.