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Canadian UPS Shipments being returned immediately.

New Contributor

Our last two UPS shipments to Canada have been returned to us the following day with notice from UPS stating that "sender requested return".  We have shipped to Canada through UPS and Shipstation about half a dozen times prior to this without incident. Seeing bugs with Shipstation labels lately too. Trying to figure out what is going on, but of course Shipstation, UPS and all have very poor response. Anyone had an issue with this?



Hi WBW! 


Did you reach out to UPS to confirm the reason they were returning the packages? 

If you have selected "Return to Seller if undeliverable" when processing the shipping label, if there are any cost or tax discrepancies at customs, these packages would bounce back to you. 

New Contributor

Yes, we fill out that information in Shipstation prior to shipping. There has not been any issues except once UPS called us an asked if the dollar amount declared was USD or CAD. Now we've had 2 shipments returned literally the next day to our home office door, not our ship from address. Yes, we mark it as return to sender. UPS could reach out to us instead of cause us headaches and waste our money, and Shipstation could provide a better product with less bugs. There are other issues lately, and we've been getting a ton of extra costs from Pretty pissed off over here.