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Carriers through ShipStation


I am having an issue with UPS that was set up through ShipStation. when I try to get rates for UPS I have two different rates. When I go and try to print a label from the account set up through ship station at my trial I get an error. When I try to fund the account it says Unexpected provider? I am not able to click on the settings icon either. I am able to use the account for ups that was set up manually but the rates are actually higher. Can anyone help with this or I've any info on what o do? I can not get anyone on the phone or to return my calls it has been two days.





I did some research on this error message and it looks like the "Unexpected provider" message occurs if the UPS from ShipStation connection on the backend gets broken (not sure how or why this happens). To resolve this issue our support team needs to escalate this so we can disconnect and reconnect it on the backend. 


I do see a ticket in our queue for you. I'll make sure someone reaches out to you asap!


If anyone else is experiencing this issue, please contact our support team to get this resolved.



Sarah H.
Austin, Tx