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Does ShipStation forward carrier charges for weight/dimension/address corrections?


Before ShipStation, I used USPS Click and Ship for a lot of orders. Occasionally, USPS would catch a package in transit and correct the label issuing a refund or additional charge. Sometimes this was because I measured a package incorrectly, but the overwhelming majority of the time it was something wrong with USPS' system leading them charging outrageous address corrections (like an actual 12x12x12 package corrected to 50x25x25, or a 2lb package being corrected to 20lb, or something silly/incorrect). I had to dispute these corrections with USPS. Sometimes labels through will charge for having to correct an address, etc. Does ShipStation/ forward these charges to us? If so, does anyone know where you can view a receipt for those charges? Thanks for any info you all have!