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Problem adding Funds for UPS shipping - Not a banking issue


Is there way to solve this on a Sunday ?


Chat operator said it was a "fraud" flag issue while adding funds.


We have been adding funds all day and it suddenly stopped working. How can it be fraud within ship station if our bank is ok approving the charges and all we  are trying to do is add funds to our shipstation account to pay for pending shipments already showing in the portal ?



We just had a similar thing happen with our account yesterday. 


We were shipping all morning and then suddenly, ERROR, and we could not add any funds to our account. We reset the credit card in the system, but that did not work. 


We then called our credit card company who confirmed that our credit card is clear to add funds to the account. There were no fraud issues. But the error remained. 


After we updated the credit card information in SS, we could see the $1 hold amount on our card, which made it look like SS was communicating with our bank, but we still could not add funds. 


Finally we contacted support and there was some magic that resolved the issue. 


The response was about 10 minutes, so that is good to know that we can get assistance quickly. We still don't know what the root cause was. 




What is the contact for this customer service/support number. I am running into a similar issue here as well and they don't give me a direct landline