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Shipping options

New Contributor

When I select "Recipient" or "Third Party" in the shipping options side bar, the drop down disappears!! Can this be fixed? Am I doing something wrong? I end up having to exit and restart orders 3-4 times to get the drop down to function correctly!! 

ANY help is appreciated!! Thank you in advance!!


Occasional Contributor

Similar here. Upon selecting Third Party, the fields don't appear unless we exit out of the order, then click back into it.

I cannot find a fix for this. Most times I have to exit away from the order 3 times before the shipping option fields appear as I need them. I sometimes hide the side bar as an option 

Occasional Contributor

I've reported it to support chat, said they will send it to the "team". They also said it's likely to be cache related. They cleared ours on the backend, and recommended clearing your browser cookies and cache too.

Thank you!! I will give this a try!!