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UPS Canada Integration next to impossible!


Original post from user Peter Peng


Anyone have success with UPS integration?  It's really frustrating because they ask for your account # and also multiple numbers from an invoice

  • Control ID

  • Invoice Date

  • Invoice Number

  • Invoice Amount

There is a trial and error process because these numbers are not always formatted consistently on UPS's end.  And EVEN if all those are entered correctly (unlikely, because the UPS invoice #'s are in different formats at times), I still get an error "UPS invoice could not be found".


If we don't figure out on in one sitting, Shipstation ERASES all the other data we entered for UPS and we have to start again. *cough* save button pls *cough*


If we call Shipstation, they'll ask you to call UPS.

If we call UPS, they literally do not have any clue what we are talking about and there are about 10 different possible departments you'll get bounced around with.  One tech support just told me to call Shipstation.


Anyone actually got UPS working?

Please email us!



Original reply from user Daniel Noon


I had this same issue. I was able to get it integrated by using the info on my most current ups invoice. Also, when they ask for the amount of the invoice, make sure to input the amount due, not the total amount.

Hello Peter and Daniel, 


Adding UPS can be a bit more than adding your other carriers and sorry to hear you are having some trouble.


When adding the information requested it is crucial that you match your data stroke for stroke including spelling, spacing, capitalization, and make sure you are using the data from the correct field as Daniel mentioned in his comment. 


I have attached two links below that will show you the steps you need to follow to connect your account including visuals of where to locate the data they are asking for in each field. 


Connect your UPS account to ShipStation - includes images of a sample invoice with required fields h...


Locate your UPS Contact Information


If you are still having trouble with adding your UPS account, you can reach out to our Support Team directly or respond to this comment and I can help get a ticket created for you with our support team so you can get this resolved.